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Why Us?

Prestige Productions was created 35 years ago on the foundation of creativity and individuality. Our mission is to build our client’s company and brand by implementing strategies specific to our customer’s needs. We believe in the importance of understanding our client’s vision and making it come to life through market research, logistics, collaboration and a personalized approach. 

Media Kit

To best showcase our client’s we create a personalized media kit as a promotional tool to raise brand awareness, display previous work, and explain our client’s business and services.


Prestige Productions recognizes the importance of any event, big or small. Our team executes events to showcase our client’s brand and maximize brand visibility. Our goal is to eliminate the stress of an event for our customers by providing around the clock assistance. Some of our services include DJ spins, DJ announcements, kiosk displays, DVD plays, hand distribution of promotional materials, table tents, flats, and more.


We develop individual branding strategies for each of our clients, ensuring that each customer has their own unique brand presence. We use market research to understand industry trends and targeted audiences and collaborate to make your brand’s image come to life.

Social Media

Whether your goal is brand awareness, leads, or increasing website traffic, our social media team will develop a custom strategy to effectively reach and communicate to your brand’s target audience across all relevant channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.


Prestige Production uses creative content marketing to present our client’s across a wide range of channels. From Company Logos, Web Design and Development, Social Media Advertisements to Business Cards, we have your back.

Public Relations

Our team successfully produces custom campaigns and partnerships that result in unique opportunities for each client. We utilize the power of social media to generate maximum media coverage prompting fast results and success


Prestige Production believes in delivering superior products in the most efficient and cost effective way. We outperform competitors by reaching impossible deadlines without jeopardizing our product’s quality.

Talent Bookings

We have collaborated with some of the best artists in the music industry, making every event a hit success. Our ability to connect clients with sensational artists has resulted in exceptional and lively events.

Mailing List

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